Best Apple Products of 2024

Best Apple Products of 2024

Best Apple Products of 2024

Apple products have become quite a necessity for people all around the world. These products are some of the most reliable and most demanded products from wristbands to laptops many household demand Apple products. As 2024 gets closer, many people are wondering about the Best Apple Products of 2024.
Like every other year, Apple is expected to release some of the best products ranging from Apple TV to the latest edition of the iPhone. So let’s take a look at some of the top Apple products of 2024.

Upcoming Apple Products in 2023

Apple has been focusing on combining Apple TV, Face Time camera, and a speaker function in a single product. This all-in-one product has been a project since 2021 and later it was confirmed to be launched at the end of 2023. You can watch videos, enjoy gaming, play music, get help from Apple’s Siri digital assistant, and many more through this single product. This is among the best new Apple products coming soon
Release Date: September 19, 2023

Expected Price: $89 each


  • A combination of Apple TV, FaceTime camera, and a speaker
  • Enjoy movies, games, music, and AI assistance from a single product
  • It can be used as a smartphone controller, FaceTime station, digital access kiosk, and more.

2. 15-Inch MacBook Air

About 15-Inch MacBook Air:

15 inch Macbook


Currently, the MacBook Air is available only in 13 inches. But it has been a rumor that Apple is launching a 15-inch MacBook in 2023. This upcoming MacBook is like a 16-inch MacBook pro but with a thinner and lighter design. The new MacBook Air will contain an M2 chip, and it is expected to cost starting from $1,399 or $1,499.

There will be a queue in the Apple store when these products become available.

 iMac Macbook 2023 Release Date: June 2023

Expected Price: Starting from $1,399 or $1,499


  • It contains an M2 chip like in the latest MacBook
  • The display is larger than other MacBook Air
  • The laptop is expected to be like a 13-inch Air and has flat edges and a function key row.
  • This MacBook Air contains a 1080p webcam, upgraded speakers, and Mag Safe charging but no SD card slot or HDMI port.

3. Apple Silicon Mac Pro

About Apple Silicon Mac Pro:

Apple Silicon Mac Pro

Apple Silicon was first introduced in 2020 with an M1 chip. The current version features Intel processors but the latest version contains an M2 chip. There are two versions of this product, that is Mac Pro with M2 Ultra and Mac Pro with M2 Extreme.
The M2 ultra chip is presumed to surpass current specs and become the top-tier Apple silicon chip for maximum performance. Since it will be launched in 2023, it might also contain the newly developed M3 chip which is also set to be introduced next year.

Release Date: June 2023

Expected Price: More than $6000


• Contains M2 Ultra chip or M2 Extreme chip or rumored M3 chip
• 20-core CPU with M2 ultra and 40-core CPU with M2 Extreme
• 64-core GPU with ultra and 128-core GPU with Extreme
• The memory capacity is 64 GB or 128 GB
• The Mac Pro would have 32 core neural engine for Ultra and 64 core neural engine for Extreme

4. Reality Pro Headset

Reality Pro Headset

Release Date: Soft Launch – December 2023

Expected Price: $1500 for a complete kit with the controllers and charging pad

About ‘Reality Pro’ Headset:

The Reality Pro headset has been in development for years, and it is likely to be released in 2024 after a soft launch at end of 2023. This product is a combination id augmented reality and virtual reality and thus is known as mixed reality.
The headset will have 8K displays, over a dozen cameras, and an M2 processor.
Apple has been innovative and has been executing these innovations in the form of headsets. This product is likely to be announced at the next event of Apple. It has been rumored that Apple Reality Pro will be the “high-end rival” to Meta’s upcoming Quest Pro headset.


• Headphones attached to Virtual reality and augmented reality
• The headset will have 8K displays, over a dozen cameras, and an M2 processor.
• There are controllers with headphones along with charging pads in the kit.
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 5. 14-inch iPad Pro

About 14-inch iPad Pro:

14 inch Ipad Pro

14-inch iPad Pro is the new-sized iPad that is expected to arrive in 2024. Apple has not released any new-sized iPads since 2015. This product is the focus of consumers who use a 16-inch MacBook Pro. This product runs around the philosophy that “bigger is better.”
The RAM of the new iPad is expected to be 16 GB and the storage will start at 512 GB. It is expected that Pro Motion and mini-LED display tech features might be replaced with better and new features

Release Date: Spring of 2024

Expected Price: More than $1200


  • It contains an M2 processor.
  • The 14-inch iPad would be the largest iPad ever made.
  • The RAM of the new iPad is expected to be 16 GB and the storage would start at 512 GB.
  • The product is more focused on the customer who uses a 16-inch MacBook Pro.
 6. iMac With M3 Chip

About the iMac with the M3 Chip:

Imac Chip

After the success of the M2 chip, Apple is releasing a new M3 chip in 2023. This chip is expected to support up to 40 computer cores. Gurman only revealed that the iMac will release next year with the M3 Apple silicon chip but other details, including its design and size, have not yet been revealed. The exact name of the product is also unclear as it has been rumored to be an M3 iMac, but it could later have a standalone name

iMac with M3 chip release date: October 2023

 Expected Price: $1299 to $1599


• This chip is expected to support up to 40 computer cores
• M3 iMac Pro will have a larger screen with 24 inches and 27 inches
• M3 has a 3-nanometer chip design and is more powerful and efficient than the M2 chip.

7.iPhone 15

About iPhone 15:

iPhone 15

Apple releases a new version of the iPhone every year. It is no new news that it will develop the new iPhone 15 in 2023. This new version of the iPhone is expected to feature USB-C instead of Lightning, new camera technology, an Apple-designed modem chip, and more.
It has been rumored that the iPhone 15 will replace the “Pro Max” version of the iPhone with a new “Ultra” model.
The design will be like the iPhone 14 and will adopt Dynamic Island for all models. It has been revealed that Apple will replace the physical volume and power buttons with solid-state (immovable) buttons which are like iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Release Date: September 2023

Expected Price: $800 to $1700


• The lightning-style charger is set to be replaced by USB-C
• It will feature new camera technology with a periscope zoom lens
• For the first time, Apple will use its modem chip named the Apple modem chip
• The sizes that will be available are 6.1 and 6.7-inch sizes
• Dynamic Island design will be adopted by all the models of iPhone 15.
Hence these are some of the best Apple products of 2023. Many people worldwide are waiting for Apple to announce new amazing products so that they can make a list of the products to buy or even allocate expenses that may be needed to buy those products.
There is no question that Apple products are expensive but their demand has still never decreased over the ages. So are you excited about the best upcoming Apple products in 2023 please let us know in the comments below.
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